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I Need a Cast, Now What?

So you have an injury and are told you need a cast. Sometimes an injury or trauma occurs and warrants some type of immobilization.

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Avoid Injury: Create an Ergonomic Workstation

Now more than ever we have a workforce that is working remotely either part or full time. In the era of COVID-19, working from home makes sense for many positions.

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Acute Injury Recovery: R.I.C.E. vs. R.A.C.E

We’ve all heard the R.I.C.E. acronym when it comes to acute injuries. Rest, ice, compress, elevate. For years this has been the accepted practice for acute injuries.

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Did you know you don’t need to go to a hospital to have surgery?

So you’ve been diagnosed with an orthopedic issue and your provider tells you the treatment is surgery. Maybe you need an ACL repair, or perhaps to finally have your wrist fixed so you can type without pain again.

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Avoid Injuries: Fall Cleanup Edition

Living in Maine, we have the luxury of witnessing the beauty of autumn. Our skylines fill with vibrant colors as the leaves change, preparing for winter.

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ACL Injury Update! Interview with Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Eric Hoffman

Dr. Eric Hoffman discusses managing patients with ACL injuries before, during, and after surgery on the podcast Ortho EVAL Pal with Paul Marquis.

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