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Leveraging Your Body to Improve Your Golf Game

It’s that time of year again!  Time to shine up the golf clubs and hit the links.  After a long winter and less travel, we are all ready, but is our body?

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Are You Suffering from Vertigo?

Have you ever experienced vertigo? It is a common symptom that affects a large number of people. Vertigo creates a sense of spinning when you aren’t actually moving.

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Running for Beginners

Spring in Maine is a time that every Mainer truly looks forward to. The ice is melting, flowers are beginning to bloom, and it's only 40 degrees out, but everyone finds a reason to wear shorts.

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Living with Arthritis

How many of us catch ourselves saying things such as "I do not recover as fast anymore" or “Everything seems harder as I get older?" Aging is a natural part of life.

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Keeping Your Hands Healthy

Your hands are constantly on the go. Everyday activities, such as preparing a meal, woodworking, carrying grocery bags or using your computer can damage your hands over time.

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Snow Shoveling 101

Before you run out this winter to clear the snow from your driveway, walkway, deck or car, make sure you are prepared to remove that snow as safely as you can.

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