Submit FMLA/Disability Forms

Spectrum Orthopaedics has partnered with Sharecare to process FMLA and Disability form submissions. Sharecare will assist you to ensure the accurate and timely completion of requests for FMLA or Disability Forms. To submit an FMLA or Disability form, please click on the link below.

Click here to submit FMLA or Disability forms.

If you are unable to submit your forms on the Sharecare portal, you may submit the forms by fax to 207.828.2190 or mailing them to HIM Department, 33 Sewall Street, Portland Maine 04102.

Is there a fee to have my forms completed?

Yes, there is a pre-payment fee of $20 per form plus any applicable sales tax.

If I need another form completed to continue my disability claim, will I have to make another payment?

Yes, a pre-payment fee of $20 per form plus any applicable sales tax for each consecutive or subsequent FMLA or Disability form regarding the same qualifying condition and claim.

How can I pay for my forms?

If you provided a valid email address on your authorization form, you will receive an email notification with a payment link that will direct you to pay on the Sharecare payment portal website. If you cannot find your email notification, you may pay online at Please note you will need your Request ID to make the payment. You may also pay by phone by calling the Sharecare Forms Department, 866.273.4039.

What is a Request ID?

A Request ID is a unique ID specific to the individual patient and form being completed. Sharecare assigns the ID, and if you are unable to locate it, you can contact Sharecare for assistance, 866.273.4039.

Do I need to sign an authorization form even if I want the form sent back to me?

Yes, all patients need to complete a Request for Form Completion document when submitting FMLA or Disability forms. This document provides the team with information on where and how to send the form. Also, if a disability insurance company calls, we cannot give any information without consent, thus delaying your claim with your disability company. In addition, this document asks for the patient to identify the treating provider, injury/problem date, and last day worked, which will aid in completing your form.

I need to update the information on my FMLA or Disability paperwork. What do I need to do?

We understand that FMLA forms, as well as disability determinations, may require an update of your medical information from your recent doctors’ visit. You will need to re-submit the new paperwork to Spectrum Orthopaedics for Sharecare to complete in such cases. There will be a fee of $20 required for any updates requested.

When will I receive my completed forms?

Please allow 48 hours for Sharecare to receive your form from the time you submit it to the portal. Once payment is received, it may take up to 5-7 business days to complete the forms. It is imperative to submit all information and make the pre-payment as soon as possible; failure to do so will delay the process.

I submitted my paperwork but no longer need it to be completed. How can I cancel it?

Call the Sharecare Forms Department for assistance, 866.273.4039.

I need assistance. 

Call the Sharecare Forms Department for assistance, 866.273.4039.

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