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Hand, Wrist, & Elbow

A hand, wrist or elbow disorder or injury can be extremely painful and debilitating—and severely compromise your ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks.

Because this part of the human anatomy is so complex—the hand and wrist alone have 27 bones—it takes a specialized hand and wrist doctor to diagnose and treat the conditions that can affect it.

That’s why Spectrum Orthopaedics has a team of fellowship-trained, orthopedic physicians and surgeons, many with advanced subspecialty expertise in hand, wrist and elbow care, as well as a team of certified hand therapists—giving you and your family access to comprehensive diagnostic and treatment resources in Brunswick, Portland, and Windham.

The hand, wrist, and elbow conditions we treat

This highly trained hand, wrist and elbow orthopedics team treats a full range of conditions, including:

The hand, wrist and elbow services Spectrum Orthopaedics provides

You can count on Spectrum for highly specialized diagnostic resources and treatments for the hand, wrist and elbow, including:

  • Advanced imaging including MRI and arthrography (a special x-ray to examine the interior of a joint), as well as neurodiagnostic studies (EMG) to assess nerve damage
  • Non-surgical treatments including pain management (anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections) and physical and occupational therapy
  • Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, usually performed in an ambulatory setting
  • Design and fabrication of custom splints to protect and/or rehabilitate an injured area
  • Endoscopic and minimal-incision open carpal tunnel release surgery
  • Elbow joint replacement for degenerative and rheumatologic problems such as arthritis
  • Microvascular surgery to repair tiny blood vessels in the hand
  • Specialized hand therapy

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