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Foot and ankle problems can be painful and debilitating—literally knocking you off your feet.

This part of our anatomy is extremely complex—each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 150 ligaments, and an intricate network of muscles, nerves and blood vessels. That’s why it takes specialized expertise to diagnose and treat the conditions that can affect it.

And that’s exactly what Spectrum Orthopaedics offers.

We have a team of orthopedic providers and certified physical therapists with extensive experience in foot and ankle orthopedic care in Brunswick, Portland, and Windham. So you and your family have access to both surgical and non-surgical treatments to help relieve painful foot and ankle disorders—and can get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.

The foot and ankle conditions we treat

Our foot and ankle specialists care for the full range of foot and ankle issues, from the routine to the complex, including:

Our team provides comprehensive services to diagnose and treat foot and ankle disorders. These services include:

  • Timely evaluation and accurate diagnosis to guide treatment decisions
  • Convenient onsite diagnostic imaging including x-rays and MRI scans
  • Foot and ankle surgery, including minimally invasive (arthroscopic) and traditional open approaches
  • Foot and ankle braces and taping to help prevent sports injurie
  • Physical therapy to help you recover from foot and ankle injuries
  • Advanced techniques for foot and ankle trauma
  • Deformity reconstruction, fracture fixation
  • Casting and splinting
  • Custom foot orthotics such as insoles

It’s important to know that many foot and ankle issues can be resolved with conservative measures such as modifying footwear, physical therapy, or medication.

If these don’t provide relief, surgery may be recommended. Most foot and ankle surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, so you can have your procedure and go home the same day. Learn more about ambulatory surgery for orthopedic procedures.

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