Physical Therapy Assessments & Specialties We Offer

Physical therapy (PT) is one of the most common rehabilitation techniques used to restore function and mobility after an injury, illness, or surgery. But did you know that many of Spectrum’s physical therapists also offer additional assessments of specific conditions and types of movement — often without an injury, surgery, or referral from your primary care physician involved?

Physical Therapy Center Brunswick

For example, in our Brunswick office, you can get a running assessment to check your stride, technique, and any muscular imbalances that could lead to injury. Whether you’re just starting to run or you’ve been running for years, a running assessment can help you stay injury-free.

Physical Therapy Center Windham

Spectrum’s Windham office offers bicycling assessments. You’ll bring your bike, and any tools needed to adjust it, to this appointment. We’ll take measurements of your body positioning and leg extension while you ride, and then make modifications to your bike that will help you avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Physical Therapy Center Portland

Other Spectrum physical therapists offer throwing assessments and golf swing assessments. Spring and summer might feel far away, but when you stay in better physical condition in the off-season, you have a better chance of restarting your favorite sport without injury (especially now that travel to warmer climates is opening up again).

Does Spectrum offer any non-sports assessments?

Yes! For example:

  • Vestibular rehab is used to assess and treat vertigo symptoms such as disequilibrium, dizziness, lightheadedness, involuntary eye movement, headache, and nausea that relate to issues with your inner ear.
  • Ergonomic assessments – such as to check whether your body is overcompensating for an improperly set up workstation or use of tools.
  • Pre-employment physicals to assess your body’s abilities and functional health for a certain job.
  • Fitting for custom orthotic insoles – a non-surgical way to address certain foot issues.
  • Functional assessments designed to identify and evaluate the type and extent of a patient’s limitations, with respect to their ability to perform everyday tasks and requirements of living.

What other programs and treatments do Spectrum’s physical therapists offer?

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture. This therapy uses “dry” needles (that is, not medicated) to stimulate trigger points (“knots” in your muscles and the tissue that connects them). When the trigger points release, you should feel less pain and regain motion in the affected areas.

Concussion management can help you regain strength and endurance after the crucial rest period following a concussion. PT may also help you improve balance, treat concussion-related dizziness, and reduce headaches.

Hand Therapy treats a wide array of hand and wrist conditions — everything from simple fingertip injuries to recovery from complex reattachments of hands or fingers. Therapy may include exercises and/or manipulation for stretching, joint mobilization, scar management, and support or advice about home care and activity for the hand.

Blood flow restriction therapy is an innovative training method for the development of muscle strength. By limiting the amount of blood flowing out of an arm or leg through the veins, you can increase strength in atrophied muscles without using the heavier weight usually needed (heavier weight can strain the joints and connective tissue in weakened rehab patients).

No matter what kind of assessment or treatment you may need, Spectrum’s highly experienced physical therapists are available to guide you through your recovery process or fine-tune your athletic performance. Restoring optimal function, reducing or eliminating pain, preventing repeat injury, and improving your physical longevity are our goals.

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