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Avoid Injuries During Fall Cleanup

In Maine, we experience all four seasons. During autumn the leaves change, preparing for winter. It’s a beautiful sight that attracts thousands to our state each year, but what these visitors don’t see is the fall cleanup that begins once all the leaves have fallen.

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Concussion Management in Kids and Teens

Concussions are a common occurrence among kids and teens, often resulting from sports, accidents, or other activities.

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Anterolateral vs. Lateral Total Hip Replacement

When it comes to hip replacement surgery, there are two surgical approaches that your hip replacement surgeon will consider: the anterolateral approach and the lateral approach.

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Summer Activities Putting Stress on our Shoulders

Kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular summer activities that can lead to shoulder injuries if proper precautions are not taken. These activities can put a strain on the shoulders due to repetitive motions and overuse.

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The Benefits of Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is a non-operative process that aims to restore normal functioning and strength of the hand, wrist, and forearm. It is an effective intervention for individuals recovering from injury, illness, or surgery.

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Sports Medicine: Keeping Athletes Healthy

The goal of sports medicine is to help athletes stay fit, active, and injury-free throughout their life.

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