Anterolateral vs. Lateral Total Hip Replacement

When it comes to hip replacement surgery, two of the surgical approaches that your hip replacement surgeon may consider are the anterolateral approach and the lateral approach. The main difference between these hip replacement procedures is where the surgeon makes the incision. In the anterolateral approach, the incision is made in the front of the hip while the patient is lying on their back; in the lateral approach, the incision is made on the patient’s side.

The advantages of the anterolateral hip replacement approach include a quicker recovery after surgery and a lower risk of hip dislocation, while the lateral hip replacement approach may be suitable for a wider range of patients. Hip replacement surgeons consider each patient’s medical history and lifestyle factors to determine which approach is best for every patient.

Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery

Before your hip replacement surgery, you will have a pre-op appointment with a physical therapist. The physical therapist will review how to prepare for your hip replacement recovery, and review some of the pre-and post-operative exercises that may be assigned to you for recovery.

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