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ACL Injury Update! Interview with Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Eric Hoffman

Dr. Eric Hoffman discusses managing patients with ACL injuries before, during, and after surgery on the podcast Ortho EVAL Pal with Paul Marquis.

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Safety Tips for Shoveling

Snow season has officially hit Maine, which means if you haven't already, you will surely need to move snow out of your way soon. Shoveling snow is a very physical and tedious task. It's important that as you shovel, you remember the below tips to avoid any unwanted injuries.

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Finding the right hiking shoe for you

Boots are probably a hikers most critical piece of equipment. The right pair will help you glide down the trail with a smile on your face, while poor-quality boots will have you gritting your teeth with every footfall.

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Anterior Hip Replacement: What makes it different?

When it comes to hip replacement procedures, there are multiple ways to approach it but the operation is the same once you get in.

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Winter is coming! Ski safety tips

Winter is coming! For many of us that means we get to enjoy some fun, sun, and fresh air on Maine’s great ski hills (Saddleback? Fingers crossed!), but for orthopaedic surgeons it also means taking care of a lot of folks who get injured on the slopes. Dr. Jamie Kuhn has some tips to help you avoid becoming one of our patients.

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