Sports Medicine: Keeping Athletes Healthy

At Spectrum Orthopaedics we have a highly regarded team of fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists who help patients get back to the sports they enjoy in the safest and fastest way possible. Our team includes orthopedic physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, and certified athletic trainers.

The goal of sports medicine is to help athletes stay fit, active, and injury-free throughout their life. “We provide expert, specialized, surgical and non-surgical care for all sports-related injuries, from the shoulder down to the foot. All of the sports medicine physicians at Spectrum are board certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists,” states Bryce Wolf, MD. Currently, our sports medicine team includes five physicians who are fellowship-trained in sports medicine. In addition to Dr. Wolf, the team includes Eric Hoffman, MD; Christopher Lonegan, DO; Thomas Murray, Jr., MD; and Christopher Regnier, DO. Dr. Lonegan, who is a primary care sports medicine physician, specializes in the treatment of non-surgical sports-related injuries. Dr. Lonegan is passionate about helping patients stay active no matter their age. “One of the most common injuries I see is a syndesmotic injury, or sprained ankle in pediatric patients,” states Dr. Lonegan. Pediatric patients are more susceptible to a sprained ankle because their bones are more flexible than adult bones. Properly treating an ankle sprain in active pediatric patients is paramount in getting them back out on the field in a healthy and safe manner.

Sometimes more extensive treatment is needed for sports medicine patients, requiring surgery to repair the injury. Dr. Murray is a sports medicine surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic surgery. He performed the first arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in Maine 20 years ago and has now performed more than 2,000 of these procedures. He has been with Spectrum Orthopaedics since 1999 and performs many of his surgeries in our Ambulatory Surgery Center. “Our orthopedic surgeons treat everything from cartilage transplants, to hip arthroscopy, to advanced shoulder procedures that aren’t done elsewhere. It takes having that pioneering sense to move forward in the field, and the physicians at Spectrum possess that,” states Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray takes great pride in seeing patients through all stages of life. Twenty years ago, he cared for two brothers who played football and baseball, as well as their father who was a gym teacher and baseball coach. Dr. Murray just recently treated one of the brothers, who is now married with a family of his own. He was able to operate on the patient’s shoulder to get him back to his profession in the military. Finding the right provider in sports medicine can offer a patient lifelong support when they sustain orthopedic injuries.

Our providers have extensive experience delivering sports medicine services for high school, collegiate, club, and professional sports teams, as well as special event coverage. Spectrum sports medicine specialists have extensive experience treating professional and national-caliber amateur athletes who play baseball, basketball, hockey, and other sports. Currently, Spectrum’s sports medicine specialists’ partner with local high schools and colleges including South Portland High School and the University of New England, to provide orthopedic care for student athletes.

A valuable extension of Spectrum Orthopaedics is our OrthoAccess walk-in clinic. Patients can receive assessment and treatment of sprains, strains, minor fractures, dislocations, and other sports and activity-related injuries. This solution provides enhanced convenience for patients since there is no appointment required and they can access specialized orthopedic care promptly. The team we have built at Spectrum is extremely synergistic, from our sports medicine physicians, to our orthopedic surgeons, to our physical therapists and athletic trainers. We are proud to serve the communities across Maine and keep our athletes active throughout their lives.

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